Bucket List

I have done so much in my short life it's hard to imagine what else I could possibly achieve, but there are some things left that inspire me so here they are! (Crossing them off as I go!)

1. Own a home
2. Get a tattoo
3. Fall in love
4. Learn to drive
5. Be a professional singer
6. Perform in the West End
7. Climb a volcano
8. Learn a foreign language
9. Be in a band
10. Learn to play an instrument
11. Perfect my cookie recipe
12. Get a cat
13. Go to India
14. Take my bestie to Paris
15. Drink tequila in Tequila, Mexico
16. Get a dog
17. Read 1984
18. Walk Hollywood Boulevard
19. Cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge
20. Sunbathe on Venice Beach
21. Go to Iceland
22. See the Northern Lights
23. Travel Italy
25. Get Married
26. Own Jimmy Choos
27. Buy a bag from the original Prada in Milan ( been, but haven't bought)
28. Find my favourite cocktail
29. Be blonde 
30. Start a family
41. Visit the four corners as viwed  on a UK map
42. Go Christmas Shopping in New York
43. Move House
44. Be a professional writer
45. See the Eagles live

To be continued...

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