Monday, January 25, 2016

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Welcome back lovely readers, I hope you had the most wonderful end to 2015 and beginning of 2016! Welcome to my first post of the new year; something a little different.

Some of you will notice that The Beautiful Bubble has been pretty quiet for some time. It's never forgotten, just sometimes quiet.

I am not a full-time blogger. I am not a writer. I am not a traveller, or cook and guru.

I am a girl, and I love to write. 
I love to travel and see the world, take pictures and get lost in nostalgia. I love to cook and eat. I love make-up and pretty things. I love music in (nearly) all of it's forms, and I love creativity and art.

My blog is something I started when my longing to write was bursting out of my hands with no control. My words simply had to be put on a page so that my mind could rest and focus on other things. It's my space, where I am free to think my thoughts.

Whilst I will not make any excuses for a "gap" in my blog, I will explain.

I have never, ever stuck to a "blogging schedule". I do it for myself to be quite honest, and I'm lucky to have readers to seem to enjoy my ramblings! I write when I want, or when I have something to say. My life is a busy, busy life. I have a full-time, demanding job that my mind is occupied with almost 100% of the time. I have a home, a family, friends, hobbies, duties etc. that will always come first. When I travel with my husband I am more bothered about the amazing time we are having than documenting it online. There's no harm in reliving a great experience to write about it later, that way I get to indulge in my beautiful memories.

So, this is what I am doing. I am living.

Currently, I am actually decluttering. Decluttering my cupboards, my wardrobe, my make-up bag, my work drawers (hello 7 coffee cups, pink tinsel and a minion); decluttering my life.

About a week ago a musician that meant a great deal to me sadly passed away. I was devastated. I was so upset and I got angry at myself; "what gives you the right to be this upset?" I said. I never knew him personally, but that didn't matter. He had been a part of my life for so long that him leaving it was unbearable. I tried to hide my grief, I was a bit embarrassed actually. I carried on with a smile on my face at work like I always do, then broke down at home. My husband understood a great deal, my music man, and he told me it was ok to be sad. I had great reason and I should not be ashamed. We've been spending the last week celebrating our love of music, and finding ways to tribute our lost musician. His music will never leave our home or our hearts.

Throw into the mix the start of a new year, full of hope and resolutions and motivation, a particularly bad round of office colds and a brand new starter for me to train, and my mind is on some kind of roller-coaster that never seems to let up. It's the kind of busy that keeps you awake at night.

I'm also in full-on bridesmaid mode as my very good childhood friend prepares to tie the knot later this year. The bridesmaid meetings so far have gone swimmingly, with the dresses picked and ordered in less that two hours with all parties very chuffed with the choice. Trying to get three girls together for a drink all on the same night, however, is proving almost impossible! We've resorted to Thursday night dinner which I am planning to host, so now my dreams are full of Moroccan Chicken disasters and cake batter on the ceiling. Forever an anxious soul!

For now I will leave you; my doting Springer needs his walkies, the dinner needs prepared and my face needs attention before it's suitable to show to other humans.

Blogging will come again when I find moments of solitude amongst the chaos. Right now I'm doing the things that I'll blog about. I'm doing what I do.

What are you doing? What are really, actually doing?

Til next time, CH x

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