About Me!

My name is Col, I'm 25 and I live in Tynemouth in the North East of England in a gorgeous little terrace with my husband, Nick, Sully the Springer Spaniel and Roxy the Cat. We also have an African Clawed frog named Claude, a Japanese fire-bellied newt named Newton, an Alpine Newt named Stevie Nicks and a Chilean Rose Tarantula named Boris.

I work for Sotheby's Auctions House as a Client Care Agent.

I'm mad about make-up and cosmetics. I spend all my leftover pennies on new products every month and spend hours in the bathroom and in front of the mirror trying and testing. I read all the fashion and beauty magazines and am always researching the latest trends. I'm obsessed with Red magazine as I think it's the perfect all-in-one women's glossy that has something for everyone. My lovely mummy-in-law renews my subscription every year and opening the sacred pages on the first of every month has become somewhat of a ritual.

I'm a keen baker and cook, and am designated head-chef in our house. We're dairy-free eaters so all of my food is cow's milk free and generally pretty healthy. This year I'm going to try and do more food related posts to show people how easy it is to cook meals from scratch that are delicious, fast and healthy.

I have dark green eyes, normal-dry, pale-fair skin and highlighted medium length brown hair. I'm a slim size 8, 5'4" with short legs, short body and gangly arms so a lot of my reviews will be for products aimed at these criteria. However I do try pretty much everything going and will do my best to be as broad as I can in my product representation. Please note that I haven't tried a whole lot of anti-aging products yet, but I certainly know about them!

As I progress into the world of a real-life grown-up I find I have less and less time for faffing about with beauty things, so my mantra for products is Find It, Try It, Love It!

I believe that there's almost nothing that cannot be cured by a good hazelnut latte.

CH x

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