When the countdown to my wedding day reached only 117 days I decided to make the most of every second, and began the very personal #100happydays challenge. I have so many wonderful things in my life that I am truly grateful for, and that make me smile every day so I thought I'd share some of them with my lovely readers. I'll try my best to upload lots of pics, and there'll definitely be more than one thing on some days! 

Day1: A bank holiday hike in beautiful Northumberland with my my boy, my pooch and the in-laws.

Day2: Wedding menu tasting in the sunshine watching the tiny baby bunnies playing in the grass, followed by a cosy, girly night in.

Day3: MAC delivery! Plus F&B's for lunch and a cosy night in with my boy.

Day4: Walkies with my boys on Blyth Beach, a new pair of summer jeans and fajitas for dinner.

Day5: Happy Friday everyone!

Day6: Tynemouth Food Festival! Pad Thai, honey cinnamon cashews, churros and a Gin and Tonic Iced Lolly.

Day7: Food Festival Take 2 - Pad Thai (again) and a delicious peanut butter soya latte.

Day8: Paid for honeymoon! Thailand here we come!

Day9: No furniture at the holiday house = makeshift sofa-bed!

Day10: My happy boys on holiday :)

Day11: BBQ baby!

Day12: Oh I do love being on holiday - a relaxing end to a perfect day.

Day13: Sully enjoys his ice-cream!

Day14: Jolly-hollies kit...

Day15: An amazing day with my bestie finding her the perfect Maid of Honour dress followed by planning the hen party and eating and drinking ourselves silly!

Day16: Online shopping. Need I say more? Ordered some Breaking Bad t-shirts, a new scented candle, a new collar and ID tag for Sully and a beautiful new suitcase for honeymoon.

Day17: Walkies in sunny Plessey Woods with my boys.

Day18: Arrival of my beautiful new honeymoon suitcase!!

Day19: New ID badge for my poochie

Day20: Super cosy saturday in my lovely new sweatshirt, my beloved Red magazine and a healthy cup of White Tea - I discovered deliciouslyella.com today! 

Day21: 7 years today!

Day22: deliciouslyella.com inspired almond, sunflower seed and goji berry pancakes with a banana, spinach and coconut smoothie - bank holiday bliss!

Day23: A visit to the cinema with a friend to see Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return #youngatheart... 
Also, my boys enjoying some watermelon

Day24: Date with the mister to see X-Men: Days of Future Past and I finally blogged about my new-found healthy lifestyle (link.)

Day25: Exciting Teapigs delivery! Total health kick going on...

Day26: Discovering Matcha lattes!

Day27: Frappes and shopping with a friend, then a delicious healthy lunch in the sunshine

Day 28: Ordered wedding favours, confetti and goodies for the kiddies! 

Day29: Just dognappin'...

Day30: Thoroughly enjoying my healthy bits and bobs (and the most beautiful teacup ever...) and my last ever Brides issue before the big day!

Day31: A day at the hairdressers! Possibly my most favourite activity in the whole world :) Followed by this delicious concoction...

Day32: Finally updated my blog name and URL, blogged about the upcoming world cup and how I will be celebrating.

Day33: Beautiful Red magazine and a super berry breakfast smoothie

Day34: My boys make me happy every single day :)

Day35: Super-food salad in my bid to get healthy and lose weight

Day36: Monday morning foodie crossword with delicious peanut butter and avocado on gluten-free toast, + getting creative with my summer wardrobe - made some home made cut-offs

Day37: Another day enjoying the sunshine and chilling with my boys in the garden

Day38: Amayzing deliciouslyella.co.uk inspired banana, blueberry and mixed seed muffins! Gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free = guilt free!! + A day of perfect housewifery in prep for tomorrow and a superbly delicious, healthy lunch in the sun.

Day39: World Cup is finally here! Bring on the BBQ, besties, Brazilian beer and cocktails!

Day40: Post BBQ bliss + a very happy chappy (Holland for the win!)

Day41: Back on the health wagon with an amazing banana, mango, apricot and coconut milk smoothie, snuggly dog-naps with Sully and getting ready for a girly night in watching the England match. Happy Saturday!

Day42: Perfect Sunday Brunch + a very chilled out Father's Day with my favourite Popsicle! Happy Birthday to my wonderful big brother too

Day43: More Red magazine and a summery fruit 'n' nut-pick 'n' mix

Day44: Hen Party is finally sorted!! Went shopping with Mummy to find a perfect new outfit and came home to pressies from my mister! What a day :)

Day45: New Elemis skincare to banish my blemishes for good! Only 73 days til the wedding...

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