Thursday, July 23, 2015

I Want To Talk About Body Shaming

Beautiful Body Shapes

I want to talk about body shaming.

Recently I was scrolling through Instagram, and I was stopped in my tracks by a post I was not expecting. It was posted by a girl that I (used to) follow, who happened to be a fitness fanatic and is always posting pictures of her toned figure in work-out gear and the healthy smoothies she regularly cooks up. I always admired her enthusiasm and motivation.

This post was different. She had posted a picture of her muscular thighs, and was openly body shaming girls with thigh gaps. She called them weak, and told them to "grow some quads". I was appalled.

I used to be a large girl. I was overweight, lazy, unhealthy and unhappy. After years of abuse to my body I decided to turn my life around by losing weight, and focusing on being fitter and healthier. Today I am happier than ever with my body and am proud of what I have achieved. I see my thigh gap as a sign of my strength, not weakness.

Just so we're clear, I'm not suggesting that having a thigh gap, or any other body type for that matter, is something to aspire to. Bone structure determines whether or not thighs will or won't touch, and body shape in general, and every body is different and unique. People should aspire to the body that is right for them, and appreciate their strong, beautiful human body and how utterly amazing it is.

I used my amazing body to create a better life for myself. I don't follow any extraordinary fitness or diet regimes. I think I eat well (as in pretty healthily but I always have what I fancy) and I'm a mover rather than an exerciser; I usually just walk my Springer Spaniel to wear us both out and I fidget a LOT at work! Like I said before, I'm more focused on being happy and healthy.

Body shaming just needs to stop. By all means tell the world how proud you are of yourself, but don't bring others down in doing so.

Everyone has their own story. Let's learn to appreciate them all.

Til next time, CH x

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